July 20, 2016


What Arrow Group members are saying…

“Social Security Timing and the creation of the Arrow Group is a terrific breath of fresh air. Not only have they developed state of the art software including Tax Clarity tools to better assist your client’s retirement needs, they created a very strong group. I must say I am extremely surprised at the effort they put into keeping their promise. They bring a very high level of value to my firm from software support, to high level advisor meetings, monthly webinars, open collaboration and much more. I am indeed a better advisor for my clients because of the support and knowledge I receive form this great team!”

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“The Arrow Group has been a fantastic community for anyone serious about adding Social Security planning to their practice. It’s a pivotal component in retirement income planning and to have access to such a knowledgeable and competent set of minds on such an important topic has been invaluable. The knowledge that I’ve gained from The Arrow Group leaders and its members have made me shine with clients and prospects. Not only have I been able to deliver exceptional planning for many of our clients on a topic that most of the general public as well as professional advisors know little about, but we’ve also been able to convert many prospects into new clients. It’s the only group that I’ve come across in seventeen years that has had a meaningful impact on our practice. The Arrow Group is a tremendous resource whose leaders are constantly evolving the tools with which we use to help our clients optimize retirement income. ”

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What advisors are saying…


“You have convinced me that as a CFP and Enrolled agent, I have greatly failed my clients in that I have not had this knowledge to share with those ages 62 and older. I feel it is imperative that I get to know this data well enough to start doing presentations at least to my existing clients, and eventually to the general public.”

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“Having retired and started Social Security benefits at 62, I just wish this eye-opening subject had been even visible, let alone available to me back in 2005. Now I can make it a point to focus on sharing this with so many individuals who are today in the position I was back then, and make a substantial difference in the retirement years.”


“I am grateful and feel fortunate to have stumbled upon Social Security Timing. What a fabulous resource for expanding my knowledge base. I have been searching for something like this for two years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

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“Your education and resources are making a meaningful impact to my practice and folks in our community. Thanks again, and I look forward to continue learning more about Social Security so that I can share my knowledge and continue to positively impact my clients’ retirement income plan!”



“You all have provided really knowledgable customer service and I appreciate it… I choose to continue to pay for your service because you do such an awesome job as my back office support! Keep up the good work!”

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