Marketing strategy for financial advisors

How should financial advisors market their services? Four steps to achieve success Katie Godbout,  Covisum Marketing Strategist Getting in front of new clients to grow your business can be a challenge in any industry, but it is especially true in retirement planning. So, how can you successfully grow your business? I suggest starting with a solid Read more about Marketing strategy for financial advisors[…]

The School: improving lives through better retirement decisions

Financial advisors, now more than ever, must demonstrate value to clients in order to maintain and grow their businesses. But how? Broaden your expertise Improving lives through better financial decisions means advisors need to be current on Social Security rules, tax issues, risk management and how to supplement Social Security income by efficiently harvesting clients’ Read more about The School: improving lives through better retirement decisions[…]

How deductions and exemptions can snowball

  Are you really providing tax-efficient retirement advice, or just lip service? Understand how taxes really work so you can help clients avoid common tax pitfalls. The federal income tax system in the United States is progressive, meaning individuals or couples with lower levels of “taxable income” pay a lower rate than those with higher Read more about How deductions and exemptions can snowball[…]

How can financial advisors add significant value for clients?

Financial advisors have a great opportunity to help clients harboring misunderstandings of common systems with significant financial impact. Using education and visualization of these systems, it’s possible for advisors to add significant value to their client’s lives. We recently wrote about how Social Security claiming strategies can still offer a significant savings – $114,000 on average. Read more about How can financial advisors add significant value for clients?[…]

Dead or alive?: Social Security planning a year after Bipartisan Budget Act

The reports of the death of Social Security planning have been greatly exaggerated. A year after its passage, we look at how the legislation’s elimination of two key Social Security claiming strategies has impacted clients and financial advisors. When lawmakers passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 in October of that year, predictions circulated that Read more about Dead or alive?: Social Security planning a year after Bipartisan Budget Act[…]

Lauren DeGroot, Arrow Group member

Lauren DeGroot is an associate advisor at Sequent Planning, LLC, an Omaha-based investment advisory and financial planning firm. Her practice is focused specifically on helping people with major retirement-related decisions, including when to take Social Security, when to draw from various retirement accounts and how to manage risk and taxes throughout retirement. As a member Read more about Lauren DeGroot, Arrow Group member[…]

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