Grow your business through The Covisum Process

Covisum offers more than just software. We’ve developed a process that involves training and support to set you up for success. Covisum believes in improving lives through better financial decisions. We provide a AAA experience through awesome support, actionable client reports and aligned interests. And we’ve got a proven process to help our customers succeed. Read more about Grow your business through The Covisum Process[…]

Marketing strategy for financial advisors

How should financial advisors market their services? Four steps to achieve success Katie Godbout,  Covisum Marketing Strategist Getting in front of new clients to grow your business can be a challenge in any industry, but it is especially true in retirement planning. So, how can you successfully grow your business? I suggest starting with a solid Read more about Marketing strategy for financial advisors[…]

Workshops, presentations & networking for The Arrow Group Advisors

Twice a year, Covisum hosts a special event for The Arrow Group, a facilitated peer-to-peer coaching program for successful advisors. This spring, The Arrow Group members and the Covisum team will converge in Omaha, Nebraska, for two days of presentations, workshops and networking to help advisors improve strategy, marketing, and execution. Members of The Arrow Group also Read more about Workshops, presentations & networking for The Arrow Group Advisors[…]

Lauren DeGroot, Arrow Group member

Lauren DeGroot is an associate advisor at Sequent Planning, LLC, an Omaha-based investment advisory and financial planning firm. Her practice is focused specifically on helping people with major retirement-related decisions, including when to take Social Security, when to draw from various retirement accounts and how to manage risk and taxes throughout retirement. As a member Read more about Lauren DeGroot, Arrow Group member[…]

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