How to approach ‘A Fine Mess’ of a tax code before Trump reform

Following the failed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, President Trump signaled that his next big effort would be to reform the tax code. But a few weeks later, he said an overhaul of the tax code would be pushed back so another attempt to repeal Obamacare would be a priority. When Read more about How to approach ‘A Fine Mess’ of a tax code before Trump reform[…]

Advisor Perspectives Article

New tools to prove you acted as a fiduciary Bob Veres recently conducted a review of SmartRisk Pro, one of the risk tools Covisum recently acquired through PrairieSmarts. Here’s an excerpt: With Smart Risk, you can import a client’s portfolio holdings from Orion, Redtail or a spreadsheet, and the software will calculate your “downside expectation” Read more about Advisor Perspectives Article[…]

How deductions and exemptions can snowball

  Are you really providing tax-efficient retirement advice, or just lip service? Understand how taxes really work so you can help clients avoid common tax pitfalls. The federal income tax system in the United States is progressive, meaning individuals or couples with lower levels of “taxable income” pay a lower rate than those with higher Read more about How deductions and exemptions can snowball[…]

How can financial advisors add significant value for clients?

Financial advisors have a great opportunity to help clients harboring misunderstandings of common systems with significant financial impact. Using education and visualization of these systems, it’s possible for advisors to add significant value to their client’s lives. We recently wrote about how Social Security claiming strategies can still offer a significant savings – $114,000 on average. Read more about How can financial advisors add significant value for clients?[…]

Is ‘fiduciary’ a mindset?

There are 144 days until the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule goes into effect. How will this new rule affect your business? How will it change the industry? What does it mean for Covisum® product subscribers and The Arrow Group members? The answers to these questions will be extraordinarily complex as they unfold over time. Read more about Is ‘fiduciary’ a mindset?[…]

How advisors should talk taxes with clients

The elephant and the snowball Taxes are a critical piece in retirement planning, yet most financial advisors avoid discussing the topic for several reasons. First and foremost, they fear violating federal regulations or industry standards that limit who can provide “tax advice.” The result? Advisors and firms are reluctant to talk taxes or incorporate tax-related Read more about How advisors should talk taxes with clients[…]

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