Meet Bill Corley, member of The Arrow Group

Bill Corley is a Certified Financial Planner at Corley Investment Management located in Folsom, California. William Corley, CFP®, has specialized in helping people with their retirement income issues for more than 25 years. For the last two years he has extensively worked with people on their Social Security issues. He has attended Covisum’s The School Read more about Meet Bill Corley, member of The Arrow Group[…]

The School: improving lives through better retirement decisions

Financial advisors, now more than ever, must demonstrate value to clients in order to maintain and grow their businesses. But how? Broaden your expertise Improving lives through better financial decisions means advisors need to be current on Social Security rules, tax issues, risk management and how to supplement Social Security income by efficiently harvesting clients’ Read more about The School: improving lives through better retirement decisions[…]

How deductions and exemptions can snowball

  Are you really providing tax-efficient retirement advice, or just lip service? Understand how taxes really work so you can help clients avoid common tax pitfalls. The federal income tax system in the United States is progressive, meaning individuals or couples with lower levels of “taxable income” pay a lower rate than those with higher Read more about How deductions and exemptions can snowball[…]

Social Security strategies in 2017

Joe Elsasser, CFP®, RHU®, REBC® and president of Covisum is passionate about improving lives through better financial decisions. He was recently featured on in, “Social Security savviness still pays off.” From the article: Elsasser thinks that Social Security remains a valuable specialty. “I believe this is still a viable concentration area for advisers, particularly over Read more about Social Security strategies in 2017[…]

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