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“Co” means joint or shared, and “visum” means vision

We help advisors and their clients create a shared vision of the future.

Our first product was Social Security Timing, which launched in 2011 and received the first patent of among Social Security claiming software companies...


“You have convinced me that as a CFP and Enrolled agent, I have greatly failed my clients in that I have not had this knowledge to..."

Our team

The Covisum team is dedicated to your success.

Joe Elsasser

President, CFP®, RHU®, REBC®
Joe Elsasser developed Social Security Timing software in 2010 because, as a practicing financial advisor, he couldn’t find a Social Security calculator that would help his clients make the best decision about when to elect Social Security benefits. Every tool he tested, including the government’s, was incapable of providing a thorough analysis that took all of the election strategies for married couples into account. Joe started from scratch and developed Social Security Timing using an Excel spreadsheet in his office. Since its launch, Social Security Timing has grown its client base exponentially, become a thought leader in the financial planning industry and expanded its entire platform. In 2014, it launched a yearlong webinar series and live training events featuring Joe as one of the speakers and attended by hundreds of advisors across the country. In 2015, Social Security Timing launched The School and The Arrow Group . Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Joe is a Certified Financial Planner® and still works with individual clients through his own Registered Investment Advisor firm while running Social Security Timing. He also co-authored “Social Security Essentials: Smart Ways to Help Boost Your Retirement Income” and is frequently interviewed by trade and national media. Because of his extensive experience, Joe also is frequently invited to speak on comprehensive retirement planning that includes social insurance programs.

Dan Gaydos

        Sales Lead        
Other than Joe Elsasser, Dan Gaydos is Social Security Timing’s first and longest-serving employee. This tenure translates into a deep understanding of the software and how advisors use it, as well as extensive knowledge of Social Security. If he doesn’t have the answer, his perseverance, resourcefulness and commitment to helping advisors and their clients guarantee he’ll find the answer. As support team lead, Dan oversees staff and advisor training, handles complex advisor questions, works with development solving software issues and incorporating advisor suggestions and implements new software features through testing and staff training. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Dan takes his job seriously, because, as he sees it, helping advisors is assisting their clients with important decisions that can greatly impact their retirement and their lives.

William “Keith” McCullough

Support Team Lead
With an extensive and impressive career in operational support and service to others, Keith McCullough is ideally qualified to lead the Covisum support team. He ensures that team members are prepared to provide advice and assistance to financial advisors so that they can help their clients make the best possible retirement decisions. Keith served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and has more than 30 years of experience in training, program management, software engineering, and customer support and services. He has worked with the Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, Office of Special Investigations, the executive and legislative branches and international agencies and governments. Most recently, before joining Covisum, his entrepreneurial spirit led to unexpected success as a virtual radio producer for more than a dozen years. He doesn’t view his work at Covisum as a job — but as a privilege to have a positive influence on clients’ lives.

Ron Piccinini, PhD

Director of Product Development
Ron Piccinini came from France to America, finally settling in Omaha, Nebraska. He brings extensive experience in building world-class risk systems, supporting tens of billions of dollars in assets to Covisum. Prior to joining our team, Ron co-founded PrairieSmarts, a software business created to provide transparency, flexibility and simplicity to the financial industry. Ron also has experience as the director of portfolio modeling for TD Ameritrade and with bank treasury risk systems and quantitative challenges. Ron wrote his dissertation on what are now known as “Black Swan Events,” and how classic risk models underestimate true risk. Ron is an expert on quantitative risk modeling, heavy-tailed distributions and risk management, and is passionate about helping our customers avoid the classic pitfalls that can destroy retirements.

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